A Collection of testimonies by readers of True Life in God (TLIG) messages given through mystic, Vassula Ryden.
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Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Him, "Teacher, rebuke your disciples." He said in reply, "I tell you, if they keep silent, the stones will cry out!" As He drew near, He saw the city and wept over it… Luke 19:39-41

While God added His testimony by signs and wonders and various miracles, and by gifts of the Holy Spirit, distributed according to his will.
Hebrews 2:4

Signs and Wonders Around the World...

"True Life in God" (TLIG) prayer groups and readers around the world have been experiencing various signs and wonders over the years. Click below to read about some of these wonderful events:

From True Life in God:
I allow My images to weep to awaken your remorse and your pain but what I hear is a short sigh in which I find a brief relief from it then, but so very quickly you grant your heart to be taken away by the worries of the world; you allow your heart to be taken away from comforting Me and being a consoler to the Consoler, He who could transfigure you, who could resurrect your soul, who could divinise your soul ...

others, upon seeing the torrents shed from My Eyes remain untouched because of their incredulity; having lost the sense of My wonders, they fail to understand and with frenzy persecute My signs; their sins have choked their heart and from thereon their heart flutters after worldly things, never realizing how their soul is being misled by the evil one; who could possibly understand My deep grief? why do they give My Enemy cause to gloat over them in secret? who of you could give Me relief? who of you can give Me rest? every hour that a day contains, every minute that exists I am near you and call to you: "return to Me, return to Love;" oh, but so many of you have grown cruel .....

you see Me soaked in My Blood, yet you grant your eyes to rest; oh .... until when will you not hear your God wailing? ....

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