A Collection of testimonies by readers of True Life in God (TLIG) messages given through mystic, Vassula Ryden.
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Signs and Wonders in Australian True Life in God Prayer Group

Weeping Statue of the Immaculate Conception

Avo and Suzy Vardanian from Australia report:
On February 24, 2001 the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes (Immaculate Conception) started to ooze oil from both eyes and the left foot four days before Vassula was to come to Australia for a witnessing and evangelization mission across the continent. The statue continues to ooze oil on and off from other parts as well.

Statue of the Sacred Heart Oozing Oil and Blood

In May 2003 the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus started to ooze oil, accompanying the oozing statue of the Immaculate Conception. Then, in 2004 the same Sacred Heart statue started to ooze blood from His Heart and Wounds. The statue continues to shed blood and ooze oil today.

The group has put a bottle next to the statue and our Lord Jesus Christ fills it from time to time. They often put the oil on cotton balls to give to people who ask for them. Many miracles and healings have taken place as a result of the use of the oil.  The group recognizes their faith, prayers and supplications is what moves His Heart to perform miracles and healings. Click on the image of Jesus to see more photos.

Prayer Group Member, Marianne, Receives the Stigmata

On the 1st Friday of Lent (27th February) 2004 something remarkable happened in front of the altar where the Australian prayer group meets.  Marianne, a member of this Australian prayer group received the grace of sharing the Lord's wounds.  Click here to read a complete account of this special event.

Framed Picture of Pope John Paul II Oozes Oil

December 8th, 2004 was the feast of the Immaculate Conception and a special day for the Australian prayer group because the statue that first started to ooze oil in March 2001 was our Lady's statue of the Immaculate Conception (of Lourdes). Every year they make a point of celebrating this feast day, and in 2004 about 90 people attended.

A member of the prayer group had given a birthday gift of a framed picture of Pope John Paul II.  Shortly thereafter it was observed that oil was flowing on the glass of the picture.