A Collection of testimonies by readers of True Life in God (TLIG) messages given through mystic, Vassula Ryden.
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Personal Signs and Wonders in True Life in God

My story starts well before I ever knew anything about the True Life in God messages. It was on Feb. 20th, 1999 that my wife Roberta, myself and my 2 younger daughters were driving home one night after a long day skiing in the hills south of Buffalo (Colden, NY). We were heading North and saw in the sky a remarkable cloud formation in the image of an Orthodox cross. The cross was leaning or listing on a 45 degree angle and was ever so slowly drifting toward the East. I don't know much about the orthodox but this cross had the diagonal line running through the bottom vertical section and I knew that it wasn't Roman.

This sight would have been enough but along with this phenomena we both saw 4 beams of light streaming from the 4 corners of the earth. The One from the west looked like it was coming out of lake Erie. The light was very intense and the beams were very straight without any distortion unlike a searchlight appears. My wife and I watched this wonderful display for 15 to 20 minutes that evening as our daughters were now sleeping in the back seat of our car.

When I got home I emailed several NASA sights to see if they had any information regarding the beams of light I saw but they reported nothing. I wondered about this and wrote down the date hoping to find some explanation of this phenomena. I figured it was a religious sign but I didn't know what it meant.

It wasn't until this past Nov. 2005 that I found out its meaning in a big way. I was coming to the end of all the True Life in God readings and I was down to the last 5 pages when I came across the message dated Feb. 20th 1989 (this is in the #1 printed edition). Needless to say I did not read them in order. Number ONE ended up being the last book for me and for some reason I think that's the way the Lord desired me to read them. Anyway, the message of Feb. 20th, 1989 is quite remarkable especially the underlined portion which reads "I have filled the skies with portents. Without cause, I am pouring My Spirit on all mankind. I am giving visions to you" God Bless Us All.
(David, USA)

One day my dad, a beautiful man, gave me the Angel Daniel book. He had found it at a little used thrift store and read it, and consequently purchased all of the other books. I took it to work one day and read the whole book before lunch time. I had never really read a religious book for pleasure, but I loved it. After I read the book, I kissed it. Then I went driving to get a bite to eat. As I was driving, I was telling Jesus in my head, "Gee, thanks Lord, for your beautiful words". I felt so happy and loved. Then, all of a sudden, sparks flew, flashes of light shot out of my car radio, and sounds similar to that of crackling lightening were emitted. I was startled and I flinched with fright at what was happening with my car radio. Then all of a sudden, I heard the following lyrics come from my radio: "In the arms of the angel, you will find some comfort here". At that instant I burst into tears and could not stop shaking.
(G. B. R., USA)