A Collection of testimonies by readers of True Life in God (TLIG) messages given through mystic, Vassula Ryden.
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A message from "True Life in God"...

My Return Is Imminent

My daughter, fragile as you are, can one say you were not witnessing in My Name? provided you remain weak and fragile, I will continue to overshadow you in My Strength;

hear Me and rejoice: the One who has been feeding you and filling your mouth with Celestial Manna says to you: My Return is imminent, My Vassula, yes, rejoice and be glad! I am on the road on which I had left; My Return is even nearer than it was when you were converted; 1

by the power of the Holy Spirit I have raised you, My child, to be in perfect union with Me and witness to the crowds in My Name, giving yourself to them to the utmost of your capacity; your fidelity pleases Me; this is why I will continue to build My Plan in you until it is completed .,.. and the poor will hear something never told before and will see My Holy Countenance on you and those who never knew Me will approach Me and those whose eyes were veiled will see all My glory .... whosoever will be moved by My Spirit, who, today, blows everywhere, will be heir to My Kingdom and the Father will welcome him together with throngs of angels in Heaven;

I bless you now; ic

True Life in God
27 December 1994

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