A Collection of testimonies by readers of True Life in God (TLIG) messages given through mystic, Vassula Ryden.
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18 December 2007
Ever since I read the TLIG book (Oct'2005) it had changed me, in 1st few month it confused me & day by day Jesus guide me and became my personal Teacher, Lord teach me in different way different from the way I learn from school or people I encounter in this world, deep in me Heart as He always said He is part of us as we are part of Him as one. I'm already 44 years & for 42 yrs I realized how I made Jesus wait for me this long, tears were always shed to my eyes when I realized how I made Him suffer for my sins, during a prayers of 2nd mystery of sorrowful I can see one of those holding the whip was me, I can see the wounds inflicted to his body... and suffer, I would like now to approach Lord Jesus and ask Him made me worthy and use me "to cover Your back with my body", even only for one scourge, one thorn or even for one nail to eases Your suffering.

I Love You Jesus, I Love You Mother Mary help me to be good like Your Son our Lord Jesus Christ and do The Will of the Father.

Now Tears still shed to my eyes when I feel the Love from both of us I had received during my prayer and I don't mind if it consume all the water from my body and make a pool of water for my Lord Jesus to heal His wounds.
Ramon T

16 December 2007
Since Vassula's visit a few years ago, I have been curious about her. Born in Argentina, raised a Catholic, taught to be weary of other Christian denominations, I always took her messages with doubt in my heart. Then, I read an article Vassula wrote warning us of the antichrist getting into our soul and robbing us from God in a manner which we do not easily recognize.  I noticed in the last year that I am not as close to Christ as I used to. I turned to Him and said: "If the spirit Vassula spoke about is taking me away from you, please rescue me from the flames of hell." Soon, I noticed my being been drawn back to Christ. I am not all there yet, but I know His promises are true. I am witness of many personal miracles over the years and know Christ is alive and active. Vassula made me aware of how we walk away from God without even realizing it, by being too judgmental of significant others in our lives. She also made me realize just how little love we have within ourselves for others, so my testimony on this Christmas is one of apology for doubting Vassula's seriousness as a Christian and true follower of Christ.
Diana P

6 December 2007
It is seven months now since I returned from the the True Life in God pilgrimage in Turkey. I am still trying to absorb what the Holy Trinity and my Blessed Mother has shown me. I still feel that overwhelming sense of unworthiness. I found it very hard to walk on the Holy sites we visited. Since the beginning of the pilgrimage my soul was weeping and still is. Daily I ask my Lord and Mama Maria (BlessedMother) to help me digest the extraordinary experience I went through. I sincerely thank Vassula and my True Life in God family for organising this journey back to the birth of our faith.
Roselyne N

21 June 2007
Throughout my Christian life I have been so delighted when the presence of Christ leaps out of the eyes of someone who carries him in their heart. In this pilgrimage, one of the strongest memories will be one or two fellow priests, particularly those whose English was poor or non-existent, but with whom I felt a profound bond of love, and a very deep respect as I saw how much of Jesus they carried in their eyes, and minds and hearts. This was the unity of the Church, the charism of Christ. This was my food for the journey of this True Life in God pilgrimage as well as the other one that is the gift of my life.
Fr Gavin Ashenden Click here to read Fr. Gavin's complete testimony regarding the 2007 TLIG pilgrimage.

3 June 2007
When I first read True Life In God a few times I could smell a smell like in church but I didn't know that is a God.. I was searching the source of this and it was probably near wall.. I can't remember what was next but I was very happy, I smiled but I didn't know that was Jesus.. when I read (later) in a book that God will give people signs like that.. I was very shocked and happy and I think that I was a little silly that I didn't know why I smell a smell of Holy INCENSE.
[NOTE:  Many people have experienced the phenomenon of a very pleasant fragrance while reading TLIG.]

10 May 2007
I have had a very strong thirst for the Word of God, and for the TLIG messages themselves, a thirst that seems un-quenchable. I have already read the TLIG messages a few times, completely through, and now I am reading the Bible completely from beginning to end. The TLIG messages do satisfy this thirst the most, but I feel that even if I would read them 10 times it would not be enough.
Jack Sebastian Michal Matusiewicz Click here to read Jack's entire testimony.

27 April 2007
"How the Lord uses me as His instrument in touching the hearts of young people is a miracle for me"
Fr. Jesus Richie R. Santos,sdb Click here to read about TLIG youth Holy Week 2007.

13 April 2007
A few years ago the True Life in God messages were sent into my life. I had been longing for True Life for as long as I remember but did not know that Jesus would break through as the answer .. In the messages I recognized the voice of Love. I read and read.. And I fell head over heals in love with the Lord who had before been an abstract person for me.. a person who did not care and had no power.. I started going to Church and actually enjoying it.. the Bible opened it self to me and I began to pray. I became a Catholic after a visit to Medjugorje, because I was longing for the Eucharist, first and foremost, and because of all the things that Jesus revealed to me. I was raised a liberal Lutheran. Now I have not only got a deepened love of Jesus, but also a genuine need for unity which I believe He has given me.. a burning longing. In my own little way I try to break down barriers down especially between Catholics and protestants and I am a first hand witness to the fact that people are often very content with the divisions although they pretend not to be. Their kind of unity is that everyone becomes one of them... Being in the Church is hard these years.. there are so many attacks both on the individual and on the Church but I remain also because I see that Jesus, in TLIG, has heard our cries.. He sees the desolation and poverty that has taken hold of His whole Body.. When one limb suffers..they all suffer,.. and He will send His purifying Fire as in a New Pentecost. I long for that day... Amen ?
Ina Bach

24 March 2007
In 2004 I believe Vassula came to Toronto, Canada to give a lecture. I had never heard of her before. I went with my girlfriend and some co-workers to hear her. I am Jewish, a believer in Jesus but not baptized into any Church. I had read numerous Christian mystics from Ancient, Medieval and Post-Reformation times but did not know that God speaks as to a Prophet in our own time. I was impressed by Vassula's humility, "plain-ness", as well as the content of her talk. I picked up the first volume TLIG at the event. From the outset I was convinced of their authenticity. Though I was familiar with mystical writings of Christianity and other religions this was the first I distinctly "heard" the same voice that speaks in the pages of the Torah to the Prophets.

27 February 2007
My story starts well before I ever knew anything about the True Life in God messages. It was on Feb. 20th, 1999 that my wife Roberta, myself and my 2 younger daughters were driving home one night after a long day skiing in the hills south of Buffalo(Colden, NY). We were heading North and saw in the sky a remarkable cloud formation in the image of an Orthodox cross. The cross was leaning or listing on a 45 degree angle and was ever so slowly drifting toward the East. I don't know much about the orthodox but this cross had the diagonal line running through the bottom vertical section and I knew that it wasn't Roman. This sight would have been enough but along with this phenomena we both saw 4 beams of light streaming from the 4 corners of the earth. The One from the west looked like it was coming out of lake Erie. The light was very intense and the beams were very straight without any distortion unlike a searchlight appears. My wife and I watched this wonderful display for 15 to 20 minutes that evening as our daughters were now sleeping in the back seat of our car. When I got home I emailed several NASA sights to see if they had any information regarding the beams of light I saw but they reported nothing. I wondered about this and wrote down the date hoping to find some explanation of this phenomena. I figured it was a religious sign but I didn't know what it meant. It wasn't until this past Nov.2005 that I found out it's meaning in a big way. I was coming to the end of all the True Life in God readings and I was down to the last 5 pages when I came across the message dated Feb. 20th 1989 (this is in the #1 printed edition). Needless to say I did not read them in order. Number ONE ended up being the last book for me and for some reason I think that's the way the Lord desired me to read them. Anyway, the message of Feb. 20th, 1989 is quite remarkable especially the underlined portion which reads "I have filled the skies with portents. Without cause, I am pouring My Spirit on all mankind. I am giving visions to you.

God Bless Us All,

27 February 2007
The pain of childhood sexual abuse and the circumstances involved left a gaping hole in my heart and in my soul. That horrible history scarred every part of my life and made drugs look attractive. I began to use marijuana as a teen, which became an addiction within five years.

My first notable grace was the opportunity to face the abuse I suffered, and sort through the emotional wounds and began to close some of those wounds. This may seem like nothing to some people, but I assure you that this first grace made possible the progressive opening of the door to my heart.

The second grace was the noticeable feeling that Jesus was calling me back to the church, so I started going to church again. I had faced my childhood, and now I began to ask Jesus to heal me of my hurt and anger. I knew that I would have to give up my addiction, but it was bigger than me. I did all the penitential practices I was taught as a child. I went to confession, prayed the Rosary, prayed the Stations of the Cross, and began to study the Bible to get to know God. Finally, I reached the point of understanding, and I forgave the person who molested me and the people who let it happen. I did not know anything about TLiG, but after reading a section of the Bible, I asked God where his prophet was today. I saw that God always seemed to have one, and I wondered what his prophet was doing today.

Within days of asking about God’s prophet, I received my third notable grace. During prayer one day, my spirit was lifted. And by lifted, I mean right out of my body. I was without sight, sound, smell, touch, or temperature. I was in a vast expanse of peacea profound, indescribable peace. I remember thinking I always wanted to have this peace. I also experienced a sense of Love, Belonging, and Completeness. I don’t know how long I was there. Then I heard Jesus say, "You have to go back now, you have a job to do." I was thrilled, and said "Okay." Instantly, I was back in my body. It was then that I realized that Jesus did not tell me what my job was. I still don’t know.

The first thing I noticed is that all earthly things seemed nothing more than children’s toys. Then I realized that the hurt, pain, and fear related to the sexual abuse were gone. I was free. I also lost all interest in drugs. Completely.

I was in awe. God was real, alive, and accessible. I wanted to tell everyone to be excited about God, but no one was interested, except maybe in a polite way. It looked like my personal relationship with God was going to remain personal.

Then I received the fourth notable grace. At that little bookstore at my Catholic church, I picked up Book Three. When I started to read, I immediately recognized the voice of Jesus. And as I read, I could feel a balm on my heart, healing me. And as I read I was thrilled, other people were having that Jesus is Real experience. Moreover, Jesus had answered my question about his prophet. Wow!

Within a month of my experience, I discovered Vassula was coming to San Francisco to speak. I could not believe it! Two weeks later, my sister, my niece, and I were on our way to San Francisco, 45 minutes away.

After her talk, Vassula prayed over us with her crucifix that contains a piece of the true Cross. I did not "fall down" in the spirit as many others did. I believe that was because I had already had been "in the spirit" just recently. The exaltation of my soul from Vassula’s visit lasted three days.

The circumstances surrounding these events, the gravity of my pain and sin, (including the need for me to forgive my aggressor), and the speed involved in the events of the healing process leaves no doubt in my mind that my healing stems from the True Life in God ministry. I have been following the True Life in God movement for 11 years now.

God is my strength.
Bunny W., AR

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