A Collection of testimonies by readers of True Life in God (TLIG) messages given through mystic, Vassula Ryden.
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True Life in God Testimonies from Throughout the World...

While sitting listening to Vassula being interviewed by a Philippino TV crew I was more than surprised to find myself deeply moved by her story - I who had not even wanted to accompany a friend to visit her, such was my skepticism. As she spoke I realized that God truly was communicating with her - her calm, serene yet down to earth manner was striking. At this time I was living a life where God or the Church had no place....... through meeting Vassula a whole new spiritual world was opened up to me and I felt a real need to change my lifestyle. I then began to read the messages for the first time and this confirmed my conviction that these messages are from God. Meeting Vassula and reading the messages she receives brought me back to the sacraments after many many years. Now nine years later I am still learning from these messages that strongly support my faith and that led me to read and to understand the Bible for the first time.
(A. S., Israel)

My life before TLIG was searching for god and a "personal relationship" with him. The first time I read TLIG I felt his real presence. Before I read TLIG my prayer life was not so good. TLIG taught me to read Scripture and feel his voice talking to me personally. I feel TLIG has been a True Gift from the Lord as he teaches me personally thru Vassula. I now, for instance, always say prayers before meals and am never ashamed or intimidated to say them at a public restaurant. My family as well. I feel TLIG gave me a true "love" for Jesus.
(K. J., USA)

I am very impressed and inspired by Vassula's messages that the Lord has given her and with her responding like she has. Vassula's revelations are the most consoling and uplifting that I have ever heard or read …
(M.W., USA)

I try to read a portion every day, along with a portion of my bible. I am also saying the prayers. I never meet a single human being, (I'm 69 years old) who was capable of writing the way your writing, the most profound I've ever come across. No priest, no man or woman I ever met was capable of writing that way. I know its real, so real its scary. I admire and respect your courage.
(G. G., USA)

After reading TLIG in 1991, I realized the beauty, love and elegance of the words of God towards us, and experienced a deepening of conversion because of TLIG. After reading I was more aware of God in His sweetness, gentleness, and how forgiving He is towards us. I am now vibrant and alive, because of my awareness of His personal Love for me in my life. My love for God has grown, and TLIG is a love Hymn from heaven.
(A.M., Australia)

Since 1991 I have read all the books of TLIG. I have found them very beautiful. I am trying very hard to follow what Jesus wants from us. Despite my many misfortunes and feelings of isolation I have found the strength to trust in Jesus. I know that there is a reason for everything that happens in life. Through TLIG I know Jesus is in control. And that he gives us strength. Trust has been my big improvement.
(F.W., Australia)

Since reading TLIG books, although already converted, I have a gradual improvement in my prayer life and above all, a much better understanding and love of the Triune God. Also I have a more loving relationship with the father and the Holy Spirit. When Vassula was in Sydney Australia in 1992 and standing close to me, I perceived Jesus talking to us through her.
(J.C., Australia)

Since reading TLIG books, in 1992, since then, my life has changed as I have learnt many things. I want to go to Mass, and go to make visits to be with Jesus in The Tabernacle, and I want to pray for hours and go to Reconciliation each month at least. It seems to me that I cannot go on without prayer. It has become my strength, even though I have finished all the TLIG books, I read parts of the books over and over again, and every time I do, it seems brand new again.
(P. W., Australia)

Vassula, through you we have been able to 'hear Him', and my relationship with Jesus is now alive with intimacy and passion for His love. Thank you for being His instrument in this life. Thank you for allowing us to hear His song of love.
(Y. B, USA)

Vassula, I first heard of you and of the messages that Jesus dictated to you in May of the present year, and from that very first moment my heart filled with joy because I recognized Jesus way of speaking and loving in your writings. The first thing that came to my mind was: "it's Him!"
(New Mexico)

Eight years ago I converted to Catholicism and, for about six years, I have spent a great deal of time meditating on the messages received by Vassula Rydén, and this has brought me nothing but benefit and a great enrichment to my spiritual life. Vassula's conversion experience perfectly describes my own. I, too, was "dead, lying among the dead", and even thought at times I could feel Jesus calling me, yet I continued to reject Him. My initial conversion took place before reading "True Life in God", but in the past six years I have taken an enormous amount of benefit from the volumes. I feel that I have been helped very significantly by the guidance given to Vassula, and my prayer life and relationship with God has brought me a glorious inner peace and happiness. God has really become a centre of my life.
(H. M., UK)

I read "True Life in God" in Polish language and I got enlightening from Holy Spirit, that these books are real from Our God Almighty. I change completely from height of alcohol and cigarettes, now I go every day to church, I pray a lot Rosary, Chaplet and many more prayer in Polish. Every day I meditate at 3 P.M. about Passion of Christ. These books are truly from God.
(J. S.)

I know that "True Life in God" is from Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit led me to see Vassula Rydén in Douglestown a few years ago. I bought one book and after reading, I order all volumes, now I got 7 volumes in Polish. These books help me to have intimate relationship with Jesus and I start to love Jesus from all my heart, mind, soul and strength. I know that messages are real from Our Lord. I am now attending Mass every day, I am praying more, I am fasting, offering everything for conversion of sinners. If you read this books, you will get discernment, that they are true Word of God.
(T. B.)

When I first heard about Vassula Rydén and "True Life in God", I thought it sounded very strange and doubted that God would communicate with us in that way. However, when I read the first volume of messages, something happened in my heart. I felt the presence of Jesus in a new way. In the summer of 1994, our family was privileged to have Vassula visit in our home. I was impressed because she was very "down to earth". Our daughter asked Vassula a question about Jesus. Vassula replied "I don't know". this showed me that she was not promoting her own thoughts. Another thing that impressed me was that she laughed easily - she did not present herself as better than others. She seemed to be a happy woman who loves God deeply.
(K. M., USA)

[After the books were recommended]: I just said "Dear Lord, I don't want to fall into error, but I also don't want to miss anything you have for me … I'm going to give this a fair chance, trusting You will lead me and protect me." With each page I was drawn more into the freedom and child-likeness God wants us to have with Him. I'd be up most nights until 1, 2 or 3 in the morning. Putting the book down would be like saying goodbye to Jesus & I wanted that peace of His presence never to end. I had given several books away … one was to a Methodist; she loved it! Another was an RCIA candidate, a fallen-away Catholic & she too loved it. [She began showing videos of Vassula's talks to groups]. Sometimes moms brought children; teens came back bringing other teens (or even parents!) One night we had 16 high school Catholics … I would open my door and whole groups would be standing there. I hadn't called any of them! … Between July 1 and July 30 we had a total of 190 people … of which 53 were teens!
(C.H., USA)

I am 72 years of age, I have lived in great darkness and rebellion for many years not really knowing God's love for me. Even after receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit I remained selfish and judgmental; only after re-reading "True Life in God" slowly and prayerfully … have I realized how much I needed to repent of my bitter attitude … and to start to love God as he needs to be loved (with His love). I cannot discount the calmness and the peace that I am experiencing … My life is gravitating towards God and His Design for His Creation.
(H.C.W., San Francisco)

After I read "True Life in God", I felt I spoke to God directly and felt united with the Light of God. And there was this wish for conversion inside of me.
(Mrs. S., Indonesia)

TLIG messages have been sanctifying for me and for many of my friends. The greatest revelation has been the tenderness of our Heavenly Father and now my prayers and my approach to Him are quite different, with much more confidence and love, but also with respect, as He teaches us through our dear Vassula. The Holy Trinity is more comprehensive now and my devotion to the Three Divine Persons is much greater. Vassula's meekness is something that all of us should learn and practice.
(E. P., Chile)

When reading the books, it confirmed what the Spirit had let me perceive and understand about the prophet Daniel, about the Apostasy, and so on. I have been reading the books since 1994 and when reading those books have received healing in body, mind and soul.
(H. P. H., Canada)

I grew up in the Roman Catholic faith and continue to participate in the Orthodox Church traditions on many occasions during the course of the year. The effects/affects of these "True Life in God" messages are by far...so many, that if would take a book for me to write! What I've gained personally, is my re-found intimacy I had with Jesus when I was a little girl and now, as this intimacy matures with time given to study my Bible, learn from the "True Life in God" messages and read the writings of the saints in both Eastern and Western Catholic Churches; my child-like faith has been 'Fortressed' because of Jesus and Mary's great love for me - their child.
(P. P., USA)

I was introduced to Vassula and the TLIG message by my brother who was just converted (now studying to be a priest) back in around 1992. From the very first page to [the end] I have been drawn into God's Holy Hymn. As with Vassula I have been suckled like a nursling on the words of love in TLIG. What a magnificent work! The way God takes one by the hand and slowly yet steadily leads them to the center of His being is breathtaking. Oh how I've intimately grown to love God, yes thrice holy, and so tangible and intangible all at the same time. I am so grateful to have been chosen to experience God through his messenger Vassula.
(K.P., USA)

My wife and me struggle always on having our daily rosary. Then one day our friend, Joan Daengsvang, suggested that since she live near our place to join us to pray the rosary together. She then one day came to our place and suggested praying the rosary using the "True Life in God" prayer format. Now not only the three of us are praying the rosary together but also some of our friends who live near by join us to pray the rosary together and listen and share God's word and His messages. In less than two months our group increases up to 8 regular members that prays the rosary every Friday of the week. Most especially we always have and active participation of sharing God's word through our insight and experiences. Furthermore, my wife and myself including our 6 years old son pray the rosary together daily and regularly.
(C. Q., Bangkok, Thailand)

"True Life in God" has made Jesus alive in my life as a faithful friend and companion. He shows his love in a most irresistible way that I can't help but love him back even if I now realize how unworthy I am.
(J. B. R., Philippines)

We read many books and watched several videos about Marian apparitions around the world. But it wasn't until we started reading TLIG when we truly learned about God's personal and infinite love for us. Reading and contemplating TLIG was one of God's graces that changed our lives forever. Every day we try to remember that the God who loves us ``to folly'' is near us, that He wants to be present in our daily lives, that He calls us to live our life as He wants, that He sends on us all graces after graces. As a result of reading TLIG we have learned to pray not only the ``standard'' daily prayers but also to talk to the Three Persons of God during the day, to ask him to bless what we do and to be always with us.
(A. L. R., England)

Before I knew these messages, I only went to church at funerals and marriages. Praying, I only did now and then. After I read an article in a Dutch newspaper, I bought the books about "True Life in God". Due to this I started to go to church more often. I also prayed more than before. Now, since a year I go to church every week. I pray every day as much as possible. Through these messages I learned to know God as a friend, who's always ready for me. Somebody, whom I can talk, laughs and cries with. I got to know Him as a real person, somebody who's really close to me. When I used to read the Bible, I thought it was history only, but now I believe he's really there. Now I want to pass the messages on to other people too."
(D. S., The Netherlands)

After I read "True Life in God" book, I found the light of certainty, as follows: - That The Holy Trinity is One. - Jesus has revealed Himself with so many Names for us to be intimate with in this modern world. - That Every human is personally called to be holy, irrespective of weakness, helplessness, and sin. - That Jesus Christ is the Church and the Head of the Church.
(A. S., Indonesia)

I was really surprised after I read "True Life in God". I found that God is beautiful, God is love. And I could feel that God spoke to me directly. God's Love is very deep. Without God I am nothing, but in God, I can do things according to God's will not have done before.
(Mrs. T., Indonesia)

Reading the messages of "True Life in God" my life and conversion changed most profoundly. If I may add that I fell in love with the Catholic Church and all it represented to the Christian world. My faith has deepened to levels I did not believe was possible. Especially my love for the Blessed Trinity and Our Lady.
(M. V., South Africa)

When I first heard of Vassula, I was very skeptical. A friend loaned me a tape of one of her talks. It took me a while before I watched it. But, when I did, I could hear God speaking to me. At that point, I found the order form for the books and ordered the first. When I first began reading the book, I felt that it was too personal and questioned if this could be from God. But, after continuing in the reading, I could feel and hear God speaking and knew it was He speaking to us. I continue to hear God reaching out to us in these messages.
(D. K., USA)

I came to know of Vassula through a newsletter in the local daily before her last visit to Goa on 25.1.98. I attended her meeting and subsequently read TLIG Vol. I & II Books. Through these messages, I came to know a loving and living God, who cares and loves me so very much. One day I got a lovely fragrance smell, even though there were no flower-bearing trees in the vicinity of my house. I was a Sunday church goer, with once-a-year confession and daily Mass on special occasions. As a teenager, I was a very active parishioner. Since reading TLIG messages I am a daily Mass participant, frequently visit the Most Blessed Sacrament and go for confession once a month. Since my marriage in 1991, we never prayed the Rosary, but thanks be to God, it is our daily salute to our loving Mother. My husband too through TLIG messages rediscovered a living God.
(S. G., Goa, India)

I grew up Mormon but rebelled at age 12 turning to drugs and alcohol for the next 24 years. I became sober in 1993 by the Grace of God in Whom I still did not believe. In January 1997 I was reading an events magazine. I read an article entitled "When God Talks Vassula Listens." Two weeks later I got the article out and with incredible fire in my soul began my search for the messages and the love that was leading me. With the help of others, the reading of the messages and the understanding of my wife who also took up the messages we were drawn to the Catholic Church. We were baptized, Confirmed and received our First Communion at Easter Vigil March 1998. On February 13, 1999 my wife, Rolene, and I celebrated the Sacrament of Matrimony. We have been blessed by our Triune God and are learning to lower our heads to see His face and our voices to hear His call. We are His Children.
(E. M., USA)

In the messages from Jesus to Vassula, Jesus gives us many beautiful messages, encouragement and teaching. The main benefit for me was to learn that we could be on a " we-us" relationship with Jesus, He made us His friend not only our God and Saviour, Jesus accepted us as His friend. Also I was able to learn of and understand Jesus great love for His children, because He was talking as a friend, a friend full of loving kindness. The books enable us to know more and understand better Jesus' nature, and thus we can feel more comfortable with Him and be closer to Him.
(J. G., England)

I find it difficult to put into words the effect that "True Life in God" has had in my life... Words cannot describe how wonderful, how incredible, how fantastic it is to have an intimate relationship with God. 'True life in God' not only describes it to me in an incredible way, but the holy spirit teaches me through the messages how to live my life as a Christian woman.
(C. H., England)

I have found true Peace; Love reading TLIG; and have shared it with others and know that it has touched their hearts as well. My sister tried to get me to read one of those books. ... then I got arrested ... the wheels of justice turns real slow in TX. She finally got you to send me Volume 1. At first I was weary-until I decided to really sit down and read it. I've always believed in the Spirit of God, but had a problem praying to Jesus (a man). But after I started reading I felt the love and the pain Jesus is going thru. He talks with such feeling that it made me love him. And feel guilty for not trusting and loving him earlier..... After I read the books I let other guys read them, and you could actually see the change in a person that really opens up their heart and mind to God-Lord Jesus and his sweet Mother Mary. May the Lord Jesus bless the World that we all live in and have mercy on those whose ear and eyes are closed.
(G. S., USA)

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