A Collection of testimonies by readers of True Life in God (TLIG) messages given through mystic, Vassula Ryden.
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Testimonies from Mothers...

On January 11, 1992, at the St. Francis convent in Independence Missouri, Vassula Rydén, chosen handmaiden of the Lord was the guest speaker. Immediately concluding her speech, Sr. Mary Lucille Sterbenz directed my daughter, Janie & four year old grandson Curt to Vassula. It was there that my grandson was immediately & miraculously healed of crippling Junior Rheumatoid Arthritis. He had been diagnosed at Children's Mercy Hospital in KCMO at the age of two. On this day, as on many others he was unable to walk, or to even wear shoes. He was feverish & in great pain. Vassula, asked `What is the problem'. Vassula then prayed to God, Jesus & the Blessed Mother for healing. Through her prayers Curt was healed. He is drug free and all health problems related to the arthritis have vanished.
(J.M., USA)

The messages have changed my life and my daughter's life. When I read Jesus' words: "I leave you with the sigh of My Love on your forehead", I had the real physical sensation of that sigh on my forehead and I have felt His presence while reading the messages. Nothing could convince me that these messages are not from God. I am especially sad for my daughter because she believes she must be obedient and not read the messages any more.
(G.B., USA)

Every parent should know that these books are true. I've had those feelings of love for each of my 6 children and I've felt great anxiety when I've seen them in harm's way.
(N.C., Roy, Utah USA)

My divorced daughter came back to the Church through the messages. While Vassula was talking (in Omaha) I saw the face of the suffering Christ. During communion I looked and saw Vassula, after receiving, in such peace with the face of someone in total union with Christ.
(I.K., Missouri, USA)